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February 1, 2019  

Episode 61 - Residential Evil 2 - Remade

Here we are again, another fortnight, another episode.

Welcome to the latest Character Unlock!

This week, we are joined by our "resident" Resident Evil expert, and friend of the podcast Matt Lambourne to discuss the remade classic survival horror game. With him and Brooker going into painfully in-depth conversation, it's possible that John used the time to have a quick nap!

But fear not. John spent the weekend with the Anthem Demo and has plenty to say on the matter. Then Brooker gets nap time when John and Matt get into an impromptu, detail driven chat about Call of Duty Blackout! It's a bumper episode with a lot of great conversations for you this week.

We really should get Matt on more often.


January 18, 2019  

Episode 60 - Pokemon Let’s Go To The Movies

Bungie are free from Activision, The Carlton Dance should be trademarked and your hosts both skipped out on trips to the cinema to record this week's podcast.

It's a bumper edition of nonsense this week too, as hosts John and Brooker stroll off the path for a bit and talk about M. Night Shyamalan films - of all things.

Elsewhere, John has been playing Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu and Brooker has played Resident Evils both old and new (and some more Hitman - Because of course)


January 4, 2019  

Episode 59 - Smashing (and Stabbing) Into The New Year

New Year, same old us.

This week our hosts shoot the breeze for a bit with little news to talk about. Instead choosing to chat all things Christmas, smart tech and HMV before covering the games they've played over the Christmas break.

Super Smash Brothers: Ultimate and Assassin's Creed Odyssey lead the pack this week, with repeat visits to Hitman 2 bringing up the rear. It's a quiet, but fun, week for your hosts.

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December 21, 2018  

Episode 58 - So Long… 2018

It's been a long year. An exhausting year. 

So here we are with our annual end of year episode where your lovely hosts plough their way through their best, and most disappointing, games of the year.

It's been one of those years, there's loads to talk about. So your fourth favourite video game podcast drafted in regular guest Lee Loveridge to bolster our numbers for this years best games.

What'll be top of each guy's list? What'll be bottom?

Can the guys agree on anything?


Join us again next year, as we roll into 2019 hoping for bigger and better things.

Thank you for another year with us. 

Merry Christmas, and a happy new year to all seven of our listeners.

December 7, 2018  

Episode 57 - The Power of Positivity

After weeks of moaning and whining about the rubbish they are playing, your wonderful hosts were told off for not liking any games and being too negative.

So, we introduce you, to the Character Unlock positivity episode.

Well... Mostly.

The lads get into what is going to be absent from the now aired Game Awards before chatting about THQ Nordic's latest, slightly dodgy, acquisition. 

When to comes to games, it's been a menu of great stuff. John has been attacking Red Dead online and the latest WWE 2K entry; while Brooker has nothing but great things to say about arcade platformer Huntdown and Hitman.

Come on in, and feel the power of positivity.

November 23, 2018  

Episode 56 - Here Comes The Fallout

Swiftly moving on from Red Dead Redemption 2 and our hosts divided opinion on the subject; we jump straight into this week's episode with more ranting/defending of the western epic. The intros are barely done and John is trying to calm Brooker's foul mood over Rockstar's latest.

But it's ok.

Once that is over and done with, there's a bumper chat covering a few of the more recent news worthy things in the gaming world.

From Ganeoass to keyboard and mouse support. From Sony skipping E3 to more new Consoles. The guys cover loads before heading into talking about the games they've been playing. 2 year old gems that still hold up are the talk of the week, while the latest and greatest games to hit shelves just disappoint and anger the lads.

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November 9, 2018  

Episode 55 - Red Dead’s Redemption (The RDR2 Special)

This is it folks. Red Dead Redemption 2 is here and John and Brooker have dropped all attempts at sticking to any form of order this week and they've just jumped into the year's biggest game.

Brooker's incessant questions (far too many beginning "why?") and John's admiration for what he's just finished playing make up the entirety of our show. All the talk, from the news to what we've been playing, is all entered on the western epic.

Enjoy, partner!

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October 26, 2018  

Episode 54 - It’s Crunch Time

Welcome to the Red Dead Redemption podcast!

Basically, yeah. While all our listeners are playing Rockstar's latest classic in the making, we are hiding out in CU towers, like a pair of old fogeys, moaning that we don't have time to play games!

This week, your hosts John Miller and Andrew Brooker are chatting about RDR2 and all the nonsense that's surrounded the Developers over the last couple of weeks. We also chat about Playstation letting you change names and the caveats it comes with.

In What We've Been Playing, plenty of Call of Duty talk, an impromptu chat about Forza Horizon and Q.U.B.E.

There's also an insane amount of tangents, left turns and frankly ludicrous chats this week as being grown-ups seems to have gotten the better of the lads and they just let it all out here. It wouldn't be Character Unlock if we didnt.

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October 12, 2018  

Episode 53 - A Family Affair

It's a special day for us today. Celebrations all around.

We have managed to snag the legendary Dodgy Collie from the Last Save Loaded podcast to join us in talking our special brand of nensense for a couple of hours.

That's right, boys and girls; the one, the only, Colm Sheridan has joined hosts John Miller and Andrew Brooker to pull apart the last couple of weeks worth of stuff going on. But not until he's answered our now traditional five questions all our guests have to go through. 

New wise, we dot about from more Telltale stuff to Mocrosoft's proposed streaming service, X Cloud and chat around the houses about upcoming games and why we are all kinda underwhelmed by what's coming.

then a literal melting pot of Far Cry, Forza, Just Cause and more fill up our What We've Been Playing.

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September 28, 2018  

Episode 52 - Telling Tales of Horse Testicles

This week seems to be hiting a couple of sombre notes.

With the closing of Telltale Games and Capcom Vancouver dominating the news for the last week, it would be daft for our hosts not to talk about it.

Buit not all is bad. Hosts John Miller and Andrew Brooker get to muse over the soon to be hitting consoles Red Dead Redemption 2 and the genius invention of horse balls affected by the weather. And of course, stealth bears!

Elsewhere, John has played the latest FIFA and Brooker has needlessly suffered through two The X-Files games, and has mixed but mostly positive feeling on Spider-Man abd the opening episode of Life is Strange 2.

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