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May 24, 2019  

Episode 69 - Third Time Lucky

Here we are again. Another week, another podcast.

This week is a good short one, the pre-E3 news drought and our esteemed hosts being the busy bees they are, there's very little to chat about this week.

But as is, the guys chat the newly formed Playstation Productions, more news on Ghost Recon: Breakpoint and... Clancy Brown?

Brooker dusted off Ghost Recon: Wildlands... Again. Will he finish it or quit again, nobody knows. Elsewhere, John joins Brooker in the Bolivian landscape and plays Games with Gold's latest addition The Golf Club.


Join us in a couple of weeks for our regular Pre-E3 episode.

May 10, 2019  

Episode 68 - Randy for the News

Back to normal this week. Out is our favourite guest and returning is our favourite host.

Sadly, John's absence included him actually doing stuff and not playing games. And Brooker wasn't an awful lot better.

Luckily, it's a news heavy week and everything from Randy Pitchford being a douche to upcoming film adaptations of Sonic and Saint's Row are up for discussion.

Brooker got a few hours in on zombie-biker-romp Days Gone and John hit the Battlefield V co-op hard though. so it's not all doom and gloom

April 26, 2019  

Episode 67 - Imposter Syndrome

Ladies and gentlemen, a new player has entered!

Ok, maybe not "new", but keeping John's seat warm while he's off on a dogging holiday is our good mate Lee Loveridge. 

Lee joins brooker this week to talk the PS5, the Xbox One SAD and the Capcom Home Arcade. With Far Cry 5, Nier: Automata, Mortal Kombat 11 and The Division all played this week and we've got loads to say about all of them.

It's all fun this week as the guys go all in on what they're playing, what they're going to play and what they get on their high horses about. Come join us

April 12, 2019  

Episode 66 - All Rezzed Up And No Place to Go

A quiet, reserved week this week.

After the last lively episode, the guys promised to keep it short, sweet and to the point for this episode. Which is good, because the guys have barely played anything!

A trip to London to EGX Rezzed was the high highlight for this week, with news about Borderlands 3 a close second. And while John was dipping in and out of FIFA and Far Cry 5, Brooker jumped back five years to finally play The Division.

Yeah, a quiet one this week.

March 29, 2019  

Episode 65 - Putting The World To Rights

Just don't ask what happened this week.

There was a plan, there was a running order, and it all went to hell when the lads started talking about Hitman 2.

Then things went completely sideways when your favourite hosts started arguing for and against all sides of the Google Stadia discussions.

It's a weird week.

Back to normal for episode 66, we promise.

March 15, 2019  

Episode 64 - A New Dawn, A New Day, Anthem Feeling Good

"It's a new dawn, it's a new day, Anthem's feeeeeeeeeeling gooooood!"

Yeah, we couldn't waste this great little pun in an episode title.

Guessing what we focus on this week won't be tough. One game each for out hosts in this episode. John is still playing Anthem, and he takes us on a deep dive of the mechanics, the loot and the overall experience since release. While Brooker heads back to Hope County for Far Cry: New Dawn. It's a tight little episode this week.

Outside of that, the guys talk about, well, trainers, vacuum cleaners and Aldi sending gamers after your kids in time for tea?

We couldn't quite work it out either. 


Come back in a couple of weeks, god only knows what we'll be talking about.

March 1, 2019  

Episode 63 - To Anthem or Not To Anthem

Just a fortnight after the lads vowed to not bother talking about news stuff, Reggie announces his retirement!

We couldn't let that one go past without a bit of a chat, could we?

Otherwise, it's a regular old week. John played Anthem, Brooker played Crackdown 3 and the Tangents went everywhere.

February 15, 2019  

Episode 62 - How’d We Get So Busy

Insanity! Absolute insanity!

In an episode we were forced to record a day early, and despite Brooker's constant moans that he's never got time to play anything, the lads have a bumper episode of stuff they've played. And almost no news to talk about.

So in your super-length episode this week, the lads play Battlefield V, The Division 2 Beta (together!), Infamous: Second Son, Life is Strange, Madden's Longshot.

Like we said.


If we don't kill you (or bore you to death), join us again in a couple of weeks.

February 1, 2019  

Episode 61 - Residential Evil 2 - Remade

Here we are again, another fortnight, another episode.

Welcome to the latest Character Unlock!

This week, we are joined by our "resident" Resident Evil expert, and friend of the podcast Matt Lambourne to discuss the remade classic survival horror game. With him and Brooker going into painfully in-depth conversation, it's possible that John used the time to have a quick nap!

But fear not. John spent the weekend with the Anthem Demo and has plenty to say on the matter. Then Brooker gets nap time when John and Matt get into an impromptu, detail driven chat about Call of Duty Blackout! It's a bumper episode with a lot of great conversations for you this week.

We really should get Matt on more often.


January 18, 2019  

Episode 60 - Pokemon Let’s Go To The Movies

Bungie are free from Activision, The Carlton Dance should be trademarked and your hosts both skipped out on trips to the cinema to record this week's podcast.

It's a bumper edition of nonsense this week too, as hosts John and Brooker stroll off the path for a bit and talk about M. Night Shyamalan films - of all things.

Elsewhere, John has been playing Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu and Brooker has played Resident Evils both old and new (and some more Hitman - Because of course)