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March 15, 2019  

Episode 64 - A New Dawn, A New Day, Anthem Feeling Good

March 15, 2019

"It's a new dawn, it's a new day, Anthem's feeeeeeeeeeling gooooood!"

Yeah, we couldn't waste this great little pun in an episode title.

Guessing what we focus on this week won't be tough. One game each for out hosts in this episode. John is still playing Anthem, and he takes us on a deep dive of the mechanics, the loot and the overall experience since release. While Brooker heads back to Hope County for Far Cry: New Dawn. It's a tight little episode this week.

Outside of that, the guys talk about, well, trainers, vacuum cleaners and Aldi sending gamers after your kids in time for tea?

We couldn't quite work it out either. 


Come back in a couple of weeks, god only knows what we'll be talking about.