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February 1, 2019  

Episode 61 - Residential Evil 2 - Remade

February 1, 2019

Here we are again, another fortnight, another episode.

Welcome to the latest Character Unlock!

This week, we are joined by our "resident" Resident Evil expert, and friend of the podcast Matt Lambourne to discuss the remade classic survival horror game. With him and Brooker going into painfully in-depth conversation, it's possible that John used the time to have a quick nap!

But fear not. John spent the weekend with the Anthem Demo and has plenty to say on the matter. Then Brooker gets nap time when John and Matt get into an impromptu, detail driven chat about Call of Duty Blackout! It's a bumper episode with a lot of great conversations for you this week.

We really should get Matt on more often.