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October 12, 2018  

Episode 53 - A Family Affair

October 12, 2018

It's a special day for us today. Celebrations all around.

We have managed to snag the legendary Dodgy Collie from the Last Save Loaded podcast to join us in talking our special brand of nensense for a couple of hours.

That's right, boys and girls; the one, the only, Colm Sheridan has joined hosts John Miller and Andrew Brooker to pull apart the last couple of weeks worth of stuff going on. But not until he's answered our now traditional five questions all our guests have to go through. 

New wise, we dot about from more Telltale stuff to Mocrosoft's proposed streaming service, X Cloud and chat around the houses about upcoming games and why we are all kinda underwhelmed by what's coming.

then a literal melting pot of Far Cry, Forza, Just Cause and more fill up our What We've Been Playing.

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