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July 6, 2018  

Episode 46 - Like Spider-Man. With An Owl. And A Boy

July 6, 2018

Accepting our invitation from the last episode, one of our favourite friends joins us for this, our 46th episode.

Lee Loveridge joins hosts John Miller and Andrew Brooker to chat nonsense for an hour and a bit and maybe, just maybe, they'll talk about games, too.

THey start off though, with something that they maybe should have been doing since the beginning; they've set up a list of questions to get to know our guests. which is lucky becasue there's next to no news again this week. Becasue of course there bloody isn't.

NAB Live, Ori and the Blind Forest and The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit all come up in the What We've Been Playing section. And so many terrible, terrible things to haunt your dreams come up. Dare you come listen?

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