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October 13, 2017  

Episode 29 - It Really Is B****** Hard


Silly season is upon us again. That most favourite/most feared time of the year where gamers around the world try to keep up with the slew of new games coming out over the next couple of months.


So between discussing the beautiful but vague Red Dead Redemption II trailer and getting their teeth into how and where Volition Studios went wrong in such a way as it led to lay-offs; hosts John Miller and Andrew Brooker at least try to make a dent in this years massive amount of incoming games. With various degrees of success.


John get his mitts on the latest iteration of EA's football franchise and dives into its single player campaign to see how it holds up.  he also tries hard to explain FIFA, Ultimate Team and the sport of football to his clueless co-host. Brooker on the other hand, ruins his chaces to keep up with gaming season before it's even begun; by spending most of his free time playing the decade old Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.


A healthy dose of Destiny 2, Star Wars: Battlefront II and a pixel-art Stranger Things 2 mobile game wraps things up for the guys.


Can Brooker Figure out how to use Facebook properly? Will his dog leave him in peace to record an episode just once? and how the hell does John put up with his co-host's man-childness? The answers to none of these questions are in this weeks episode. but the boys had fun asking the questions.


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September 29, 2017  

Episode 28 - It’s Been A Year Already?


It's our birthday, and we'll cry if we want to.

Yes, there will be tears. Sadly, they are from one of our hosts; the man that edits these episodes into the barely audible mess that you listen to every fortnight when his bright idea for a live podcast went horribly, horribly wrong.

Celewbrating our wierd little mutant baby making ot to a year old without it killing one of us; hosts John Miller and Andrew Brooker decided to return to where it all began, the Eurogamer Expo. Returning to birmingham for EGX with a handful of friends in tow, the lads decided that a drunken dinner would be a good time to whip out the mic and have a chat with everyone about their time at the exhibition. It did not go as planned. A ton of noise and far too many people drinking around us means you have a segment of this weeks podcast guaranteed to give you a headache.

But it was such a laugh, we didn't want to NOT put the recording here for you to hear.

Get this week's episode in your ears and hear what John and Brooker thought of the show this year; with previous contributors Jack and Lee joining newbies to the podcast Josh and Dunny.  Laughs were had, drinks were consumed and food was left to go cold.

Join us in a couple of weeks when we get back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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September 15, 2017  

Episode 27 - Birth, Marriage, Destiny 2


One of the most anticipated releases of 2017 is here. And we are just the guys to talk to you about Destiny 2.

Ok, maybe not both of us. So to get a little extra insight into the second installment of Bungie's FPSMMO, hosts John Miller and Andrew Brooker have drafted in an expert.

Last joining us on the Mass Effect special, the lads welcome back fellow shooter fan Lee Loveridge to get a little in-depth with John about the futuristic multiplayer shooter.  While Brooker tries desperately to not let the conversation get out of hand or fall asleep!  He did alright.

Elsewhere, the trio talk about the news that L.A. Noire will be coming to all the latest, shiniest consoles and how Nintendo have screwed scalpers by announcing more of their mini ranges coming soon.

Join us next time when we record with a couple of friends, including a returning Lee, from EGX 2017 in Birmingham.

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Theme song: A Dog's Life by Miracle of Sound - Used with permisison.

End song - Psychostix - Obey The Beard


September 1, 2017  

Episode 26 - The Agents of eBay


And we're back. 

No sooner have we spent an hour complaining that we can't pre-order our Xbox One Xs yet, than Microsoft release the latest and greatest console out for pre-order.  

So of ourse, hosts John Miller and Andrew Brooker have to start bitching about that, don't they?

Along the way, we spend an extraordinary amount of time talking about the lunacy of buying a console that no one owns yet for a thousand pounds on eBay and  the lads wonder if it's worth doing it themselves.

In gaming stuff, John reviews the latest edition of the Formula 1 franchise and Brooker delves into Agents of Mayhem. The latest Saints Row game that certainly isn't a Saints Row game.


We'd love to hear your thoughts on our latest episodes.  We always wanted the podcast to be a couple of mates shooting the breeze and talking games.  So we've left our irreverent nonsense in the episodes recently to see how it plays out.  Let us know what you think.  Do you like it, not like it? was it fun? would you prefer it if we left the nonsense on the cutting room floor and stick to straight game chat.

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A Dog's Life by Miracle of Sound. Used with permission.

August 18, 2017  

Episode 25 - All By Ourselves


We promise...

There's no cheesy music in this episode.  Not for lack of trying, One of our hosts was desperate to load our first independant episide up with a bunch of breakup music just to set the mood.

Instead... We just talked some nonsense for an hour an a half.

Welcome to this week's Character Unlock Podcast.

Hosts Johm Miller and Andrew Brooker are here with another episode filled to the brim with some games chat and a load of rants brought on by listener questions.  

Let us know what you think.  Join in the conversation on social media.

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August 7, 2017  

Episode 24 - Doubling Down on Destiny

You won’t believe this, but for the first time in months, your hosts John Miller and Andrew Brooker found time to play games… together.
Taking their own advice from last week’s episode, John and Brooker spent some time on the Destiny 2 online beta, before starting the original FPS MMO over and losing an entire night to killing aliens in Old Russia. Did it convince Destiny skeptic Brooker to stick with it? You’ll have to listen and find out.

Stuck in another slow news week, the lads delved a little deeper into some of the other games that they have laid their hands on over the last couple of weeks.

On the docket for this episode? Ubisoft brawler For Honor goes up against the second episode of Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy, and online Overwatch-wannabe Lawbreakers competes for space in the enormously crowded online shooter market.

Plenty of side tracking and talking nonsense keeps the guys going on for longer than maybe they should be allowed to, but that’s why they are here.

Come join us in a couple of weeks for more pointless shenanigans, and maybe some games.

August 3, 2017  

Episode 23 - Death Before Destiny and Dishonored 2


We honestly don’t know what’s going on. There should be plenty of big news floating about about now, but it seems like everyone has started their summer holidays early and the guys struggled to find news this week! Still, they have to try don’t they? Welcome to this week’s episode of Character Unlock.



That’s not to say there wasn’t stuff to talk about, with the fresh of the presses (at time of recording) announcement that Titanfall 2, a favourite game from last year for both of our hosts, is getting some significant DLC for free just in time for those that pick it up from EA’s vault. Along with some confused conversation about the newly announced Atari console that no one knows anything about.

John managed to drag himself out of a gaming funk this week by hitting old dependables Destiny and Battlefield 1; he even managed to school Brooker a little bit as he starts his Destinycareer (again) in time for the sequel. Brooker fell back to his pile of unfinished games, this time spending time with fantasy action epic Dishonored 2; a game he simultaneously loved (and hated) with a burning passion.

Join us again in a couple of weeks and catch up with the guys and their escapades. Gaming and not.

August 3, 2017  

Episode 22 - The Classic Super Mini Turbo Episode


Welcome to this week’s episode of Character Unlock, where hosts John Miller and Andrew Brooker decide to mark the occasion of the recently announced Super Nintendo Classic by dragging back on their guest from February’s Resident Evil episode, fellow Failed Critic Matt Lambourne rejoins the duo.



With a veritable buffet of nonsense to cover, the lads tackle the ridiculous situation that Activision caused for themselves with their insane rerelease of their Modern Warfare rerelease. Moving swiftly into more news of old classics getting awfully misguided releases, the latest Micro Machines game to be unleashed on the world takes a well-deserved beating from the group.

Matt rolls the conversation right back around to Call of Duty in his episode’s What We’ve Been Playing section, as he explains why he wasn’t as taken with Modern Warfare as everyone else. While our hosts revisit favourites and faithfuls like a Grand Theft Auto, FIFA and Bulletstorm before delving into our first good, meaty topic in a while.

Come join the trio as they dissect the games on the soon-to-be-on-eBay-at-four-times-the-cost Super NES Classic Mini console. From Kirby’s Dream Course to Castlevania and everything in between, the guys take a good hard look at the nostalgia driven console and the games that could make or break it.

Join us again in a couple of weeks for more gaming foolishness. In the meantime, maybe come find us on a Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

August 3, 2017  

Episode 21 - Life on the Horizon is Strange


Welcome back to our regularly scheduled programming.

After a mammoth E3 last week, the Character Unlock guys are back to doing what they do: playing video games and talking an unlimited amount of nonsense. This week is no different.


This episode, hosts John Miller and Andrew Brooker forego a news section – nothing much happened anyway – and jump straight into what they’ve been playing since the end of the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Having garnered some help in the form of a Twitter poll, the CU audience decided which of Brooker’s half finished games he should get out the way first. As it turned out, he was destined to spend two solid days finishing off Guerrilla Games’ open-world action/adventure Horizon: Zero Dawn. And boy does he speak at length about it. Similarly, after months of pestering, John finally got his teeth into Dontnod’s time bending Life is Strange; and the pair try to talk about it without spoiling anything. No mean feat, I can promise you that.

GTA V’s latest online update and the re-release of the criminally underrated Bulletstorm bring up the rear for this week’s gaming chat. Oh, and the lads argue about who is recommending what freebies this episode. All in a day’s work.

Join us back here in a couple of weeks for more foolishness from our hosts, and maybe even some gaming chat. Until then, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

August 3, 2017  

E3 2017 - Part Six - Nintendo


The end is here!

Join our hosts as they take apart the last of this year’s E3 press conferences.  This episode, we focus on Nintendo who, as has become tradition, have foregone the big stage for a pre-recorded show.

That means that we were treated to a super-short advert fest and not much else. Reggie introduced us to a few new games and detailed some E-Sports tournaments they have upcoming over the coming months.  And not an awful lot else.

Lots of Japanese games, as expected, with Xenoblade and Fire Emblem getting everyone’s attention.  With Arms, Mario Odyssey and Kirby brining up the rear.

And that’s it.  A bit of a damp squib show to end the conferences.  We hope you’ve enjoyed the last few days with us.  We’ll be back next week for our regularly scheduled programme.