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January 19, 2018  

Episode 36 - Mario Lives: The Return of the Switcheroo


It is a full blown Mario love-in this week.

After the insane journey CU host John went through trying to get his hands on a Nintendo Switch in the last episode; things have taken a major turn towards the better.  With a shiny new Switch in his hands, John has done nothing but play Mario based games for the last fortnight; his crazy is beginning to show as he brings the conversation back to the House of Mario at every turn!

Ofcourse, this isn't helped by the fact that a Nintendo Switch based Direct stream has happened since the last episode and the guys definitely needed to talk about that.  But after all the Ninty craziness in this episode's What We've Been Playing section, Brooker's choices of sports games and ten year old shooters seems more mundane than usual.

Did we mention that we talk ALOT about mario and Nintendo Games? Becasue we really do.

Prepare for ninty love of the highest order...

Come join us.

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January 5, 2018  

Episode 35 - New Year New Consoles


And so the new year is here. 2018 has promised to be a year of game challenges and hopefully bigger and better things for the lads hanging out the front of CU Towers.

But all is not well. 

In polar opposite experiences over the christmas holiday, Brooker managed to keep himself alive while buying far too much technology, While John nearly gives himself an anger stroke on this weeks episode as he explains how he ended up alone and Nintendo Switchless in the new year.

In a surprise change, this episode sees Brooker as the calm and collected one while John loses his temper over how a certain retailer ruined his january plans and threatens to defacate all over their offices.

In other news, or lack thereof, the guys spend their time off playing GTA Online, Call of Duty and the original Bad Company. What can we say? It's been an interesing couple of weeks.

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December 22, 2017  

Episode 34 - So Long… 2017


Another year passes, another video game podcast comes along to force their best games of the year list down your throat.

Well, kinda.

We couldn't decide how best to do it, so instead of a "Top Five" list or a "Best and worst", we simply said five games that defined our 2017.

Come join us in this bumber episode as we see out 2017 and look forward to Christmas.

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December 8, 2017  

Episode 33 - Two World Wars and One Award Show


It's all go at CU towers this week.

Never a pair to let anything get in their way, one of our hosts is recording from a scummy London hotel, while the other lavishes at home in a 4K paradise struggling to pull himself out of the uncanny valley he now finds himself stuck in.

Still, the boys have a podcast to record, so they should get on with it, right?

First on the docket this week, a dive into the upcoming (or by the time you listen to this, the already done) Game Awards.  Hosts Johm Miller and Andrew Brooker dissect the nominees in this year's Keighley awards and panic because they havent playsed anything in any of the lists!

A dive into history is on the cards for this episode's game chat.  Brooker has finally started and finished last years critically acclaimed Battlefield 1; while John got his boots on the ground and played Call of Duty WWII.  

All that, plus a lot of side tracking, a lot of bizarre tangents, and a fair few insults aimed at more than just eachother.  Come join us.


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November 24, 2017  

Episode 32 - EA… EA… OH!


Welcome to this, the latest episode of our silly little podcast.

This week, the same as everyone else is, we are talking about EA's lootbox controversy, how they annoyed Disney/Lucasfilm and every gamer, ever.

We get on our high horses and spend some time ranting at Electronic Arts, and everyone else that has ever had a lootbox. It's safe to say we got a thing or two off our chests.

Elsewhere, John spends some time with the latest Pokemon iteration and tries to exlain it to Brooker.  Meanwhile, Brooker finally unboxed his One X and the first game he played on it? A ten year old shooter!

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November 10, 2017  

Episode 31 - Assassin’s Pod Pt 2: Enhanced for Xbox One X


The most powerful console in the world has finally arrived; but was it the massive launch that Microsoft wanted? Or did the Xbox One X hit with all the enrgy of a dusty fart?

We aren't the ones to answer that question for you.  Becasue after hitting their local midnight release, hosts John Miller and Andrew Brooker have done little more than stare at a couple of very pretty Project Scorpio branded boxes!  We do have a chat about it none the less, and find plenty to talk about.

Elsewhere, more angry rants as brooker takes on the faux outrage of the internet after Sony's uber-violent Paris Games Week showing and John gets pissed at the lack of anything substantial out of this year's N7 day celebrations.

The meat of this episode however, sees the guys invite verteran podcaster, Set The Tape co-creator and uber-Assassin's Creed fan Tony Black on to burn almost an hour chatting about the latest entry in the historical stabbing simulator. Did the guys like it? Where does it rank overall in the series and will John be able to get a word in edgeways as Brooker and Tony go on a wild breakdown of the new game?

All will be revealed.

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October 27, 2017  

Episode 30 - Weaponised Peer Pressure


Things fall apart quickly in this week's episode.

Call it a bad case of Brooker being sick and insisting on sniffling his way through an episode and John sitting back and hoping he doesn't say anything too mean; but boy do we have an episode to lighten your day and offend your sensibilities.

It's been a fortnight of bad news sonce the last episode, so what better way to deal with such an awful couple of weeks than to let the lads let off sopme steam at the awfulness of games publishers and their terrible ways?

After a brief chat about the availability of Original XBox games on the Xbox One's backwards compatible program; the guys dig into Electronic Arts closing down the legendary Visceral Games and the sneaky gambling mechanics of Lootboxes and Activision's peer pressure patent.  The conversations get kinda loud and sweary, the guys were pretty passionate about their precious games being messed with.

Once the game chat kicks in; it's Shadow of MordorGran Turismo and South Park: The Fractured But Whole all the way. Are any of these games worth picking up? come join us for a couple of hours and find out.

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October 13, 2017  

Episode 29 - It Really Is B****** Hard


Silly season is upon us again. That most favourite/most feared time of the year where gamers around the world try to keep up with the slew of new games coming out over the next couple of months.


So between discussing the beautiful but vague Red Dead Redemption II trailer and getting their teeth into how and where Volition Studios went wrong in such a way as it led to lay-offs; hosts John Miller and Andrew Brooker at least try to make a dent in this years massive amount of incoming games. With various degrees of success.


John get his mitts on the latest iteration of EA's football franchise and dives into its single player campaign to see how it holds up.  he also tries hard to explain FIFA, Ultimate Team and the sport of football to his clueless co-host. Brooker on the other hand, ruins his chaces to keep up with gaming season before it's even begun; by spending most of his free time playing the decade old Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.


A healthy dose of Destiny 2, Star Wars: Battlefront II and a pixel-art Stranger Things 2 mobile game wraps things up for the guys.


Can Brooker Figure out how to use Facebook properly? Will his dog leave him in peace to record an episode just once? and how the hell does John put up with his co-host's man-childness? The answers to none of these questions are in this weeks episode. but the boys had fun asking the questions.


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September 29, 2017  

Episode 28 - It’s Been A Year Already?


It's our birthday, and we'll cry if we want to.

Yes, there will be tears. Sadly, they are from one of our hosts; the man that edits these episodes into the barely audible mess that you listen to every fortnight when his bright idea for a live podcast went horribly, horribly wrong.

Celewbrating our wierd little mutant baby making ot to a year old without it killing one of us; hosts John Miller and Andrew Brooker decided to return to where it all began, the Eurogamer Expo. Returning to birmingham for EGX with a handful of friends in tow, the lads decided that a drunken dinner would be a good time to whip out the mic and have a chat with everyone about their time at the exhibition. It did not go as planned. A ton of noise and far too many people drinking around us means you have a segment of this weeks podcast guaranteed to give you a headache.

But it was such a laugh, we didn't want to NOT put the recording here for you to hear.

Get this week's episode in your ears and hear what John and Brooker thought of the show this year; with previous contributors Jack and Lee joining newbies to the podcast Josh and Dunny.  Laughs were had, drinks were consumed and food was left to go cold.

Join us in a couple of weeks when we get back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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September 15, 2017  

Episode 27 - Birth, Marriage, Destiny 2


One of the most anticipated releases of 2017 is here. And we are just the guys to talk to you about Destiny 2.

Ok, maybe not both of us. So to get a little extra insight into the second installment of Bungie's FPSMMO, hosts John Miller and Andrew Brooker have drafted in an expert.

Last joining us on the Mass Effect special, the lads welcome back fellow shooter fan Lee Loveridge to get a little in-depth with John about the futuristic multiplayer shooter.  While Brooker tries desperately to not let the conversation get out of hand or fall asleep!  He did alright.

Elsewhere, the trio talk about the news that L.A. Noire will be coming to all the latest, shiniest consoles and how Nintendo have screwed scalpers by announcing more of their mini ranges coming soon.

Join us next time when we record with a couple of friends, including a returning Lee, from EGX 2017 in Birmingham.

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