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January 15, 2021  

Episode 110 - Another New Year Where Nothing’s Changed

It's 2021. And magically the world hasn't fixed itself and the apocalypse hasn't been halted.

So we played some games.

Lee has bashed through a handful of games and found a couple worth talking about while John and Brooker have sat more or less stale starting 2021 the way they ended 2020.

Come listen in, why don't you?

December 31, 2020  

Episode 109 - So Long 2020

As is tradition, the boys have got together for the last recording of the year to run down their favourites, and not so favourites, of the year.

What did they love, what did they loathe, what are they up to in the next year?

Come join us and find out

December 17, 2020  

Episode 108 - Cyber-What?

In the penultimate episode of the year, the boys are settled down into just killing time with the stuff that's just... installed on their consoles.

Besides John picking up Cyberpunk 2077, it's been a couple of weeks of old favourites and finishing off long-running games that a re taking way too long.

Chatting about the winners and losers of the Game Awards, issues with CDPR's latest tops off this weeks recording.

Join us after Christmas as we close out the year with our favourites of the last 12 months.

December 4, 2020  

Episode 107 - Joe Spiderman: Remastered

"It'll be a short one" Lee said.


From scalpers, to Spiderman. There's so much for the boys to chat about this episode. Everyone has a new shiny box, and everyone has games to play on them (and old games to watch load at lightning fast speed).

Wanna join us as we talk about them?

November 20, 2020  

Episode 106 - Idiots Among Us

Co-Op week took a turn this month as John's choice of sudden cult hit Among Us meant the three regular players suddenly became ten!

Carnage, of course, was delivered.

Come listen in on how it went, plus Lee's new Xbox, Bethesda games and Call of Duty having its winning streak busted.

November 6, 2020  

Episode 105 -The End of An Era

And here we are, for the first time since the Character Unlock podcast came to be, we are about to see a new generation of consoles hit TV units, Shelves, desks, whatever around the world.

So this episode, the boys left the normal nonsense at the door and have spent a couple of hours discussing the games that made this most recent generation for them.

Some games are obvious, some are a bit out there, but every one is an excellent addition to any "games of the generation" list.


October 23, 2020  

Episode 104 - A Tsunami of Stupid

With a man down this week, Lee and Brooker chat about Shadow Warrior 2, this month's co-op game choice. While getting their teeth into Playstation's voice chat recording, Avengers delayed content and a decent amount of games played.

October 9, 2020  

Episode 103 - You Got It Caught On What?

Once again the guys are say around their little camp fire discussing the new consoles that are yet to arrive.

It seems that little bits of news are appearing now that some people are getting their industry supplied freebies, and the boys have stuff to say.


Elsewhere, Among Us, Hades, Avengers and Uncharted fill the last two weeks of games.

September 25, 2020  

Episode 102 - The World War Four

As the boys revisit and finish World War Z as their co-op session for September rolls around, now regular multiplayer matey Phil Bower pulls up a seat at Character Unlock Towers for a repeat visit.

Everything from the last couple of weeks; Microsoft buying out Zenimax Studios, Xbox and playstation pre-orders and a couple of weeks of games from everyone gives us another bumper length episode.

Come let us know what pre-order you have gone for this time around.

September 11, 2020  

Episode 101 - How Much?!?!

John has vacated his seat this week to go on a GILF caravanning holiday in Brecon. Meanwhile, our remaining hosts have invited Brooker's younger brother CJ to return to the pod to chat about all things Flight Simulator X, Graphics cards and spending money on PC building.

We talk the new Xbox Series of consoles, the forced exclusivity of Nintendo games and balloting for pre-orders.

Elsewhere it's Axiom Verge, Final Fantasy, Uncharted and Wolfenstein in the mix.

Wanna hear more of CJ's stuff? Find him here:





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