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May 22, 2020  

Episode 93 - Assassin Concedes

And as the lockdown continues, so does our 2020 co-op challenge.

Which means that once again, regular guest Lee Loveridge joins John and Brooker in chatting games this week.

From the Xbox Series X "gameplay" showcase and the Ghosts of Tsushima event, to Worms and Rocket League together, it's a packed couple of hours this episode. Come, sit and Enjoy

May 8, 2020  

Episode 92 - Boredom Setting In

With regular guest Lee joining the boys last minute for a video chat this week, Episode 92 is less of a focussed podcast and more of a two hour recording as the lads ramble on and on and on.

Much discussion was had about past, present and future Assassin's Creed with the announcement of the viking flavoured next entry. Johns been playing with trains, Brooker has been playing with time and Lee has been playing... Everything.

Join us in a couple of weeks for our latest co-op challenge exploits!

April 24, 2020  

Episode 91 - The Struggle is Real

A bumper edition to keep you going during lockdown...

Once again, Lee Loveridge joins the lads to talk about their latest co-op challenge game - Doom: Eternal's 3 player Battlemode.

Elsewhere, Brooker is struggling to finish Doom, Lee is struggling to justify an Animal Crossing purchase and John is struggling to stay awake!

April 10, 2020  

Episode 90 - Isolation

Quarantine may be getting to your usually delightful hosts this week. John has sunk hours into a game that ISN'T Football Manager and... AND... Brooker is singing AND playing games.

What the hell is going on?

March 26, 2020  

Episode 89 - Characters Locked Up

Yup. In the midst of a country-wide lockdown, the boys have still managed to get together and find stuff to talk about.

Regular guest Lee Loveridge joins John and Brooker to chat about Left 4 Dead 2, the guys' latest entry on their 2020 co-op challenge. As well as talking about Ori and the Will of the Wisp, the Vanquish remaster, Doom Eternal and why money probably shouldn't ever be spent on the latest Assassin's Creed game!

Will being cooped up in their houses drive the lads crazy? Were they already crazy? Why the hell are they singing Safety Dance?

March 13, 2020  

Episode 88 - Netflix and Films

Movies, movies, movies.

Brooker has been away watching movies, but managed to squeeze in a cheeky 20 hours to play some XCom.

While John got into Call of Duty's new Battle Royale mode and The Witcher.


February 28, 2020  

Episode 87 - Asking For An Angry Friend

Once again we welcome our favourite co-op partner Lee Loveridge to the podcast to wax lyrical on his choice of CU Co-Op challenge game for the month of February.

A good thing too, because the regulars haven't played anything.

So come listen to the guys chat about Gunfire's Remnant and a whole host of other games as well as a surprise angry rant that DIDN'T come from Brooker.

Join us...

February 14, 2020  

Episode 86 - Feeling The Need

Welcome to another short, sweet, and only half game filled episode of the podcast.

At least we're slightly better at keeping on track this week and we get to the games a bit quicker. You know, after the Apple talk.

January 31, 2020  

Episode 85 - A Little Bit of Everything

This is getting daft now.

With little in the way to talk about news wise, the early part of this episode went around all the subjects imaginable. 

From WWE Wrestling, to local concerts and loads in between. It doesn't get better when new of the log delayed Uncharted film sends one of the hosts off on a film rant!

Still, there were games to talk about. Ashes Cricket, Rugby 20, Kakarot and What Remains of Edith Finch.

January 17, 2020  

Episode 84 - New Year, Same Old Games

Happy new year!

The boys are back this week to discuss the games they played over the Christmas period, the games that got delayed the second the new year rolled in and the first entry in their co-op challenge for 2020

Welcome back.