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April 9, 2021  

Episode 116 - Filled With Disappointment

What games really disappointed you in the last generation?

That's the question Lee poses to the group in this latest episode as the guys chat about the games that annoyed them in the Xbox One/PS4 era.

Outside of that, it's chatting about the delay-loop that Deathloop appears to be in, a digital E3 and Streets of Rage 4 DLC. All before we get to the list of stuff we've been playing.

March 26, 2021  

Episode 115 - Taking a Shit on Britain’s Got Talent

It's monthly game challenge week.

So the boys come together to talk about Brooker's choice for March, Call of the Sea. As well as Avengers DLC, Destiny, The Medium and the Square Enix presentation that announced a whole load of stuff.

Come listen in, won't you?

March 12, 2021  

Episode 114 - A Comfy Pair of Slippers

It's March.
There's nothing new out.

The boys have pretty much given up and are sat playing the same stuff they've been playing all year. So, they shook it up.

And instead of talking about the games they are playing, they spend a bit of time chatting about those games that you can go back to over and over again. Those games that you can jump on because you don't know what else to play, or you've got an hour to kill.

Come join us.

February 26, 2021  

Episode 113 - Time for the Jingle

A ton of stuff to get through this week.

From New PSVR to GT7 delay, to Vampire The Masquerade woes and Sony games on PC.

Oh, and apparently it's Pokemon day soon. Who knew?

Along with that we played some games, and all suffered through Lee's choice of game for February

February 11, 2021  

Episode 112 - Epically Pwned?

Who's down for a digital E3 this year? No?

How about buying the source code off of someone that can't spell and uses the phrase "Epically Pwned"?

Ok, then come listen to us talk shit about the games we've been playing over the last couple of weeks. Planet Coaster and Dead Cells join returning hits Cyberpunk 2077 and Hitman III as well as Dora The Explorer beatboxing!


January 29, 2021  

Episode 111 - Three Angry Guys

Didn't even get a a full month into 2021 before the gaming industry did something to piss us off.

From more Control Ultimate Edition nonsense to broken games and pants launches, it's a bumper week for the boys' anger.

Join us...

January 15, 2021  

Episode 110 - Another New Year Where Nothing’s Changed

It's 2021. And magically the world hasn't fixed itself and the apocalypse hasn't been halted.

So we played some games.

Lee has bashed through a handful of games and found a couple worth talking about while John and Brooker have sat more or less stale starting 2021 the way they ended 2020.

Come listen in, why don't you?

December 31, 2020  

Episode 109 - So Long 2020

As is tradition, the boys have got together for the last recording of the year to run down their favourites, and not so favourites, of the year.

What did they love, what did they loathe, what are they up to in the next year?

Come join us and find out

December 17, 2020  

Episode 108 - Cyber-What?

In the penultimate episode of the year, the boys are settled down into just killing time with the stuff that's just... installed on their consoles.

Besides John picking up Cyberpunk 2077, it's been a couple of weeks of old favourites and finishing off long-running games that a re taking way too long.

Chatting about the winners and losers of the Game Awards, issues with CDPR's latest tops off this weeks recording.

Join us after Christmas as we close out the year with our favourites of the last 12 months.

December 4, 2020  

Episode 107 - Joe Spiderman: Remastered

"It'll be a short one" Lee said.


From scalpers, to Spiderman. There's so much for the boys to chat about this episode. Everyone has a new shiny box, and everyone has games to play on them (and old games to watch load at lightning fast speed).

Wanna join us as we talk about them?

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